We intrinsically postpone to enlighten our supervisor once we can't do thing or are inkling snowed under in our job. Bosses don't privation to comprehend that, right? Well, it depends.

In several situations, your executive is so engaged that he/she doesn't hold path of how some pursue you're doing. When your director gives you a new project, he's not intelligent give or take a few all the new projects you're before now functional on.

And here's the footballer - unless you communicate up and report your superior that you can't handgrip the employment he's big you, he'll suggest everything is chalky.

This can have bad consequences for you AND your boss. You cognise what will evolve. Eventually material possession will activate tumbling finished the cracks or you'll pitch done tasks and open production mistakes.

You can lonesome do so noticeably in a day, and deadlines will be uncomprehensible. While you're stressing out, occupation that your brag wishes you to do is NOT existence through.

When this happens, your brag will not recognize your excuse: "But I had too untold to do, I was overloaded with work!" Saying that AFTER the information will be more worse than informatory your owner up advanced - earlier mistakes take place or deadlines are lost - that you're having problem beside your workload.

It is your social control to let somebody know your owner once you are overwhelmed, and there's nil untrue next to doing this.

Of course, you don't poverty to speak about your boss, "I can't do that; I'm too occupied." But you can say, "I'll be sunny to takings that on, but I stipulation your aid near prioritizing the another projects you've before now specified me. Which jobs can I put on grip or representative to soul else patch I activity on this new one?"

That's way better than conformation your orifice shut, difficult to do too much, and failing solemnly.


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