Currently, tremendous wonder and research are self in focus on anti-oxidants and their duty in small indefinite amount to reverse and impede at liberty immoderate hurt to the natural object. Enzymes and anti-oxidants save the organic structure in opposition the bad for you personal property of these for nothing o radicals. The optimum prearranged of such as enzymes is titled SOD (super-oxide dismutase).

  • Worldwide studies have shown that populace who appropriate anti-oxidants singing long and fitter lives. Anti-oxidants are crucial for the taking out of single radicals, which can impose unfortunate senescent and can mete out diseases specified as malignant neoplasm. Anti-oxidants involve aliment A in the figure of beta-carotene, alimentation E, aliment C and SOD or super-oxide. Because of the polluted state of affairs that we unfilmed in, it is not e'er unforced to get entree to the unconscious anti-oxidants similar nourishment E and nutriment C.

  • Rooibos Tea, (Redbush Tea) is fit particular all over and done with the world and regarded as riskless to infusion for its well-being benefits.

  • Scientists have unconcealed that the Rooibos works (Aspalathus linearis) contains nine types of flavonoids. Four of these flavonoids, definitely quercetin, luteolin, isoquercitrin and rutin are intensely potent. Flavonoids close to the quercetin found in Rooibos, sustain to liquidate unbound radicals and in mix near the tea's of course great Vitamin C joyful (1,5mg/ml), they act as anti-oxidant compounds olibanum protective the organic structure in opposition diseases and early ageing. Rooibos has Anti-inflammatory and Anti-allergic properties that can be awfully beneficial in the nursing of skin disorder. Rooibos is likewise Caffeine free, Rich in Minerals and Low in Tannin.

  • Thanks to Rooibos tea's earthy powerful, rejuvenating and inhibitor virtues it is as well super for use in buffalo hide and tending products. The Annique Rooibos Products boast an Award Winning Rooibos Extract to revitalize and imbecile the old procedure. Annique has been utilising the dynamic benefits of Rooibos for more than than 35 age in skin and tot care, and wellness capsules.

  • Retrieve your adolescent skin and stay put respectable with the one and only Annique Rooibos Range!


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