Well the end trade and industry year was "Great" as far as I was Concerned. If you had been succeeding my "MY PORTFOLIO" then you would have noticed that I won both and squandered whatever. Which is par for the course?

With Atlas Pearls (ATP) I made a nice net of 23%.They have as well intentional delisted from the NASDAQ wherewithal activity commencing to transport phenomenon in 10 years time. So all early stock certificate treatment will be next to the ASX one and only. (I have also augmented my holdings in these present.) The net income is at the moment sitting on 8.3% fully franked which makes for a powerful reappear.

Oxiana(OXR) likewise performed powerfully as the profits was besides 23.5% profit

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Imperial (IMP) Which I purchased at .008 cents are now sitting on .017 But will be limp on to those for a bit longest as they are successfully finding gas/oil in the USA.

David Jones (DJN) came in at a good 19% net income.

As for the midday sleep BQT, NWT, QTK,VPE they in recent times plodded on. If you go by cast announcements they All appear to be "doing property." So I will hold on to them a least long fair in casing.

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I did consider of marketing a few of them, but because of numerous disastrous losings that I had when I early started trading a few old age ago, I didn't apprehension as more than a few of my profits this time period and the dividends and franking list have helped to transport my losings subsidise to circa $1500 which will correct this year's revenue. (I am one buoyant present.)

Now as to what this yr will bring?

With the frigid snatch we have been experiencing present of late. With temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius, nonnegative a current of air cool cause of -4 degrees it was copper-base alloy primate weather. And I have saved that solid balls do not approaching cool requisites and are unerect not to function at optimal ceremony.

Seriously though I do deliberate it will be a a tad tougher twelvemonth to make a profit than final year.

Commodity prices will go up and down, but I can't see constraint relaxation off as yet. As China's requirements reduce off I devise the loose will be understood up by India and latter on followed by Brazil whose economy is meet now started to come up on .Don't head off Russia out of this mathematical statement either. Their event is upcoming immediately.

Uranium will carry on to be "flavor of the Month" for a while yet.

Gold will continue upwardly in fits and starts during the future year, beside numerous new highs.

Silver I see as the "Sleeping Giant"

Oil which is static human being at the moment manipulated for anything basis which sounds credible at the incident will keep to go upward and downwardly like a toy. I dubiety if the price tag will of all time slop hindermost to physical low prices of $40 per butt.

The important article is to do your investigation earlier you buy. Don't get caught up in all the "Emotion and Hype" that you will breakthrough in the marketplace.

And above all keep on to "LEARN' roughly speaking slice commercialism and yourself.

Please remember that this is not "Financial Advice" as I am not qualified to pass any. These are rightful My opinions of what mightiness arise in the future.
One piece for secure it will absolutely be interesting!


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