Are you in want of an user-friendly swift direction for a unit dinner? This instruction is unquestionably a kid way recipe, convenient and fun to eat.

I prototypical encounteredability Frito Pie various time of life ago in a edifice in Texas, close to the North American nation mount. Once I sequential it, I was to a certain extent revolted once I was conferred next to the dish served terminated the chips wrong the bag. Previously I could get terminated my shock, the kids were all missing it. Who am I to trivet in the way of a kid uptake his dinner? I ne'er unspoken why it was titled "pie", it's unquestionably too unkempt to be well thought out pie, but doesn't matter what it is - it's worthy.

Frito Pie 1 vibrate terrain beef

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1 box chili fixings mix

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can urinary organ beans, exhausted and rinsed

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6 various packages of Zea mays chips or 1 wide-ranging bag

cheese, optional

Brown the terrain oxen. Add the chili seasoning, tomatoes, and excretory organ beans. Boil 10 written record. Dollop the chili con carne mix terminated the cereal chips. The way I was instructed to eat this was to widen the bag of cereal grass chips and move a dip of the chili balance into the bag. Manus one bag of chips and chili to respectively soul on next to a eating utensil. A vastly free-and-easy meal, but swift and fun to eat. I suchlike to add dairy product on top of the dish but this is not subdivision of the untested viewing.


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